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Have you lost a child or know someone who is a bereaved parent? Are you tired of hurting and ready to figure out an action plan to heal? If so, then THROUGH THIS VALLEY, Navigating Child Loss in a Biblical Way may be just the help you’ve been searching for! In this book, Certified Biblical Counselor April Wendland takes you through the main phases of what happens to your mind, body and spirit when and after you lose a child. Then she patiently and lovingly tries to guide you forward in how to deal with your feelings and thoughts in a Biblical way, while charting a course to your healing.

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“Losing a child is always an unwelcomed, catastrophic event for anyone who experiences it. It presents a real-time spiritual battleground in your life. What makes it extra hard for bereaved parents is that no one ever prepares people for child loss! Then when it happens, you feel lost and don’t know what to do. And it hurts! So you cycle around the misery over and over again.

But if you are a Christian, I’m here to tell you that the Bible has your answers. And you’ve probably never heard them like this before! My hope is to step in at that moment when you realize ‘yes, I’m in deep pain, AND yes, I’m ready to do something about it’. I am a bereaved parent myself. I know the darkest places that losing a child can take you. But I also know the Bible and how to use it as a tool for your survival, and as a weapon for your healing. I sincerely hope THROUGH THIS VALLEY will help you.” –April Wendland

Navigating Child Loss in a Biblical Way


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THROUGH THIS VALLEY Navigating Child Loss in a Biblical Way


“To be honest, I can’t read a lot of [the book] at a time. It’s still hard to face my grief. The book is GREAT, and so to the point. It’ll be 13 years in December. Seems like yesterday and forever at the same time. The book would have helped me along my path of coping faster. I plan to reread it a chapter at a time so I can think about it more. I’m very impressed.” –Samantha’s mom

“[This is] something I’ve needed for a very long time. People need to know this!” –Aaron’s mom

“For all of us suffering from child loss, finally here’s a real method on how to process and understand my feelings and emotions based on the Bible! This book really helped heal the pain and suffering of losing my daughter. Thank you!” –anonymous dad

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April Wendland

Cerified Biblical Counselor

About Me

Hi, my name is April Wendland. It's nice to somewhat meet you. I am a whole Bible believing Christ follower, wife & mother. We lost our youngest daughter in 2016. Losing her was catastrophic of course, but I held the most powerful weapon in the world in my hands, the Bible. I dug in hard and found answers, comfort, healing, and most of all peace.
As I woke from the fog of trauma, I saw a whole new reality around me; it broke my heart to see so many of my fellow bereaved parents still in active anguish. I obtained my Biblical Counseling Certification in 2021 to be able to help others 'through this valley'!


Set Apart Biblical Counseling Center offers a faith based & comprehensively structured Guided Grief Program for Bereaved Parents. We use the Holy Bible and our own bereavement’s valleys and victories to help our fellow bereaved parents navigate this uncharted course they find themselves in. We know the deep pain. We know the heartache. But we’ve found some answers. We’ve found healing through the inspired word of God. It is our desire to share what we’ve learned with other bereaved parents who are searching for answers, and help equip them for the challenges they face, with grace and truth.

My Approach

Our Guided Grief Program is offered in an average of 10 parts, administered through 1 hour sessions, once a week, which results in about a 2 ½ to 3 month time frame. Sessions 1-5 are geared toward sorting out the issues of the flesh and sessions 6-10 are geared toward healing the spirit Biblically. We anticipate that bereaved parents will need 10-12 sessions; however some parents may need less, and for some parents it may be necessary to have even more, which we wholeheartedly embrace. We understand!


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